Socially Responsible:

Naga Biofuels supports some of the best charitable organizations in Cambodia.  We provide biodiesel to all the NGOs we partner with at a subsidized price, and offer BioCleaner for a 40% discount.  We strive to work with the best organizations and to operate in the most transparent and professional way possible.

Environmentally Friendly:

Naga Biofuels does not just talk about environmental sustainability. Our facility produces many times more energy than it consumes. The energy produced is clean because it comes from recycled sources.  We process used cooking oil into two usable products: iodiesel that replaces diesel fuel in engines, and BioCleaner that replaces gasoline for cleaning engine parts.  he only thing that exits our production facility is soapy water.  

Clean burning:

The biodiesel is cleaner burning and the smoke emitted is healthier to breathe than petroleum diesel fuel. We specifically target users in pristine environmental locations.  Boat users get special priority as the biodiesel makes the quickest and greatest difference in marine environments.

Safe Practices:

We are careful to recover all excess methanol from the biodiesel reaction and use the safest chemicals possible for biodiesel production.  We utilize the by-product of the biodiesel reaction to produce a biodegradable degreaser (BioCleaner).  In Cambodia mechanics normally use gasoline to clean engine parts.  The used gasoline them gets dumped on the ground or in the water.  Each liter of BioCleaner replaces about 5 liters of gasoline.  The by-product allows us to make a greater environmental impact than just replacing diesel fuel with biodiesel.

Financially Viable:

Naga Biofuels understands that in order to make the greatest difference, we need to have a strong financial plan.  Our business model is based on providing tremendous products and outstanding customer service.  Doing business in an unselfish way that benefits our NGO and business partners, has helped to develop a financial model that works for us.